Villa Vrbnik

Town of Vrbnik

Old town of Vrbnik is a romantic place. It became famous thanks to its Glagolitic heritage. Vrbnik is situated high up, at almost 50 meters high cliff and on a truly special place, on a cliff that literally dives into the sea. Vrbnik has population of 1000 people.

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With its rich history, Vrbnik is well known and one of the oldest villages on the island of Krk. Narrow streets prevail in Vrbnik, so it is not strange that the world’s narrowest street should be located exactly here. In the town you can find all basic things you need, there are two groceries shops, a nice bakery, a small fish shop, a good local butcher, nice local restaurants, a post office, art galleries and churches. There is also Vrbnik port from where you can go on a boat trip or for diving adventures. A few city beaches can be found around the old town. Today, golden white wine – Žlahtina is the most important product of Vrbnik is.

Vrbnik is a different town like you have never seen before! Just perfect for romantic getaway or family vacation surrounded by great history and charming streets in this amazing place on the Adriatic coast.