Villa Vrbnik

Island of Krk

In the Kvarner region, there are so many contrasts, so many different landscapes and experience based on history, tradition and modern times. The Kvarner story is made up of many stories. This is a right destination for those yearning for holidays in primordial nature, adventurers or cultural heritage lovers.

The island of Krk or The Golden Island has many unique features and it is a voyage through the time across the millennia of rich history.

Krk is the most northerly island on the Mediterranean and is located in the Kvarner bay. Krk is the largest Adriatic island, with an area of 405.78 km2 and the most populous island with numerous towns and villages where a total of 20.000 inhabitants live.
Krk has historically been a center of Croatian culture. Various forms of literature in the Glagolitic alphabet was created and in part preserved on the island of Krk. A monastery is located on the small island of Košljun, in the Punat bay. There is an old town of Krk with great city walls, the 3rd biggest in Croatia and a cathedral built in the 11th century.

On your arrival to the island, you will certainly find that the golden island has been honored with the uniqueness of variety – and is a connection between present and past, modernity and the antiquated, legend and reality.