Villa Vrbnik


We are lucky!

We are lucky to have such clean Adriatic Sea with a rocky coast, mild temperature and numerous fresh water sources provide a perfect habitat for various underwater life. We are lucky to have thousands of olive trees and figs on the island and that ninety percent of the island is still a wild area. Being surrounded with the sea and intact nature, our ingredients are perfect and our Mediterranean cuisine is one of the best in the world.

For any help regarding the food, purchase, delivery, restaurant reservation, chef or catering service do not hesitate to contact us earlier and we will be pleased to organize a perfect meal for you.


Seafood is just great, tastes fantastic and you should try it. The best scampi in the world is Kvarner scampi from the Velebit canal. This is no. 1 delicacy! We have amazing white fish, tuna, sardines, anchovies, shells, squids, octopus…

Extra virgin olive oil

The finest product on the island! Our olive oil is truly extra virgin olive oil obtained directly from the olives by mechanical procedures of indigenous varieties of the Croatian olives. Following he olive harvest, oil is made in max. 12 hours’ period if you want it to be extra virgin quality.

Islands sheep cheese

The Island sheep cheese is indigenous Croatian island cheese which is manufactured on the island family farms. It is recognizable by its quality and specific taste from the natural fruits bestowed by the sea, the poor land, the rocky ground and the pastures covered with salt. Krk cheese, made of sheep milk, is an excellent delicacy and can either be served at the beginning or at the end of a meal.


Lamb on the island has extra good quality and light taste. They eat only milk and some wild plants on the island covered with little salt that comes in the fresh air with the wind blowing over the sea. You can eat it roasted, baked in the oven or in a stew with šurlice pasta.

Homemade pasta – surlice

Šurlice is a Vrbnik local delicacy. It is pasta that is handmade on the knitting needle and it can be cooked with scampi sauce or with the stew.


Figs are authentic local fruit. You can find them all over the island. They are very sweet and taste fantastic. There are two figs in our garden that are 100 % BIO and you can eat them in August from the fig tree.


Honey that is produced here is made by bees staying in the wild part of the island visiting only the untouched plants, flowers and lavenders, has a very special taste and is of premium quality.


Vrbnicka zlahtina

Vrbnička žlahtina is a very good quality dry white wine produced from an indigenous variety, the white žlahtina. This variety is specific as it is only grown in the vineyards in Krk and more precisely in the fields of Vrbnik. This wine is pale yellow or straw yellow and has a mild bouquet and a pleasant characteristic taste. It is a perfect, light summer wine!


The agricultural community of Vrbnik carried out an experiment by putting sparkling wine bottles into steel-barred chests in the sea, at a depth of around 30 m, where the temperature of 12 Celsius degrees is constant at that depth which is ideal for sparkling wine fermentation. The bottles are pulled out by divers and boats. This is how they make sparkling wine – Valomet!